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Brady Stephenson

I'm Brady Stephenson and I bring order to the chaos of business transformation.

Brady Stephenson's Bio:

Brady Stephenson is Executive Director of Digital Operations for The Psalm 119 Foundation, a charitable 501(c)3 organization that encourages Christians and Messianic Jews to step above the common and ordinary and live holy lives that are pleasing and honoring to G-d. 


He leads the technical, design, marketing, and other operational activities for the various teams that support the Psalm 119 Foundation and their numerous online resources.  Brady also serves on the board of directors to provide executive leadership and strategic guidance for the Foundation.


Brady is also a leadership advisor at the United Services Automobile Association (USAA), a member-owned Fortune 500 company providing financial services to the military community.  He leads a team of USAA's technical specialists that have created and support over 300 lightweight business applications.  Through their efforts to standardize and automate numerous business process, his team provides over $10 million in employee productivity annually.


He also guides USAA's digital organization by identifying and implementing performance measures that enable data-driven operational and strategic decision making. 


Brady Stephenson's Experience:

Brady Stephenson's Education:

Brady Stephenson's Interests & Activities:

business transformation, technology, innovation, machine learning, the gospel, leadership, design, Torah, Scripture, data-driven analytics,

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